Commercial Vehicles

There are lots of benefits of having the load areas of your commercial vehicle protected with Rhino Linings, we can do partial or full rear application, prices vary and application times are based on the areas you wish protected. Most application completed in a day.

Window Cleaning and Drain/Sewage Vehicles

High moisture exposure such as those vehicles used by Window cleaning and drain clean companies have greatly benefitted from having the rear load areas applied with our Rhino Protective coating, this stops the water/moisture from penetrating the vehicle bodywork/chassis, which causes rust and corrosion.

All applications are carried out at our centre in Nottingham, all areas where Rhino Protective coatings are to be applied will need to be fully prepared, which involves keying up (light sanding) and where needed adhesive promoter/primer to the surfaces, also areas not to be coated require full masking. This preparation can take up to 3 hours then the Rhino application is carried out via our industrial high pressure spray machine total process takes between 4-5 hours, so customers have the option to drop and collect later same day or wait in our showroom whilst the work is done.

Prices start from
£649 +VAT

We do have a full price matrix covering most commercial vehicles, so you will need to contact our office to discuss this.

Simply call our offices to arrange a booking on 01283 703777
Please see images below of the before and after Rhino Application.
  • Thorough and professional service, Rhino Linings catered to all of our needs and delivered on everything they told us that they would do. The end result was exceptional and exactly what was needed. I couldn’t recommend them more, all the best, and thank you all again.

    Kyle – Burton

  • Rhino Linings were an absolute pleasure to do business with, they always picked up the phone when needed and were always friendly to speak to; nothing was too much to ask, they even did my side steps which look great. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone, my truck looks amazing now with Rhino! thanks again guys.

    Mark – Derby

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